The Old Mine

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The Old Mine is located about 4 hours travel, by foot, East of Parsien. Situated at the base of the Seawall Mountains near the Eastern Shore of the Parsien Peninsula. Surrounded by foothills and some rough terrain, its not too difficult to find. An old cave entrance has been reshaped and reinforced by the original miners. It has been abandoned for several years.


The Old Mine was once known as the Ironforge Mine. Opened by the Ironforge Dwarves 40 years ago to reach rich veins of iron, adamantine, mithral, and orium discovered in the Seawall Mountains. The operation went well for a few years, providing a great source of income to the nearby village of Parsien. The Ironforge Dwarves’ operation was so successful the Underdelver’s Guild built a guildhall in the village.

But, the dwarves delved too deep, and something within the mountains awoke, 20 years ago. The details are scarce, but the miners fled the mine claiming that the rocks themselves came to life around them. It was as if the mountain fought against the intrusion. This event, wheather true or not occurred simultaniously with an incursion of a wandering band of Bugbears that constantly attacked the convoys of ore pulled from the mine. The whole operation was abandoned, deemed too dangerous at the time. The Underdelver’s Guild withdrew from Parsien shortly thereafter. The mine has been dormant for nearly 20 years. No one knows what could claim its dark tunnels as home now.

Recent Events

The Heroes of Destiny recently traveled to the Old Mine. Inside they discovered a plot by a group of bugbears to bribe a cave troll by bringing captive merchants to the troll to eat. The Heroes defeated the bugbear gang and rescued Zema Tothale. They delved deeper into the cave and encountered the cave troll itself. After expertly dispatching the troll, the Heroes returned victoriously to Parsien.

The Old Mine

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