Parsien is a small village situated in a relatively fertile valley roughly forty miles west of the Sea of Horizons. The village sits on the boarders of the Duchy of Hallber, located far to the northeast and the Duchy of Yranes, several days travel to the southeast. In spite of its location as a midpoint between two hostile “kingdoms”, Parsien sees little in the way of conflict. Most believe this is due to Parsien’s great distance from both the Hallberian capitol, Vrist, and Bellasee, the capitol of Yranes.

Parsien is bordered by the Duskhollow Forest to the southeast, and the Seawall Mountains to the east. The River Esse flows through the valley on its way south, Parsien sits on its eastern bank.

Recently Parsien has seen a period of growth and an increase in travelers due to the activities of a group of adventurers making a name for themselves in and around the village. Recently the activities of the Heroes of Destiny have led to Yranes to claim Parsien as territory.


  • Gilded Flask

The halfling Sylis Grayfoot owns and operates the Gilded Flask. As Parsien’s only inn, tavern and stable rolled into one, Sylis gets a lot of business. The Flask is great place to go for an ale, some hot food, and some crazy stories. Recently, due to the increase in travelers, the Gilded Flask has become somewhat of a hangout for various people looking for work and those needing someone to hire for a task that needs doing.

  • Maris Supply

Jak Maris runs his general store in Parsien. According to Jak, “You can find damn near anything you might need at Maris Supply! And if you can’t find it, I bet I know someone who can.” In most cases, Jak’s claim holds true. General supplies, even adventuring gear can be found at Maris Supply.

  • Axe & Anvil

The shop of Roderick Stormgard sells basic armors and weapons for the adventurer and soldier. Farm equipment and other metal works can be purchased here as well. Recently the shop has been producing items of higher quality, and it appears that that production will only improve. This is due to the recent exploits of the Heroes of Destiny.

  • Temple of Pelor

The Temple of Pelor is one of the largest structures in Parsien. Kendal Jonn, a once famous hero and crusader, acts as the village priest. Despite its size, the Temple has little in the way of clergy beyond Kendal and his acolyte, Thomas. The temple houses small shrines to Erathis, Ioun, Bahamut and Kord as well. One can find healing and ritual scrolls for a small donation to the Church of Pelor inside as well.

  • Mythis’ Magicks

This simple shop sits next to the remains of a destroyed tower. It was maintained by a half-elf wizard named Mythis. Mythis has taken up the lifestyle of adventuring, falling into step with The Heroes of Destiny.

  • Merchant Guild Guildhouse

A product of the recent negotiations that resulted in Parsien becoming part of Yranes, The Merchant Guild guildhouse is a new addition to Parsien. The Guildhouse acts a center of trade, auction and commerce. The Guild also operates a bank. Three Guildsmen from Bellasee control the Guildhouse. Nearly anything and everything can be bought and sold in the Guildhouse. Most traveling traders are required to register and stay within the Guildhouse’s walls

  • Hallber Barracks

As part of the negotiations between Hallber and Yranes, the Hallberians were allowed to maintain a regiment of soldiers within the territory of Parsien. Hallber recently completed a barracks within the village. Using their soldiers to supplement the village militia means that Parsien is can more easily defend against threats. There is rumor that Hallber is considering Parsien as a location for new military academy.


Parsein was founded 150 years ago a lumber colony on the northern edge of the Nerath Empire. As Nerath grew it required more and more resources and to gather them they were forced to expand beyond their boarders. Parsein prospered for several years, gathering lumber from Duskhallow Forest. When Nerath fell, Parsien was left behind. It was too far from any of the cities to be swallowed up in the formation of the city-states the followed the collapse, and simply stuck around on the “frontier”.

Roughly 100 years ago as the Duchies of Hallber and Yranes became powers in the region, their expansions lay claim to Parsien. The village grew and shrunk over the years as each city-state took their turn claiming the village. Hallber and Yrane have never gone to war, despite their dislike of each other and many believe that Parsien was able to prosper due to this lack of open hostilities. Over time, both Duchies simple forgot about Parsien.

Parsien would have faded into history if not for the events that have unfolded recently, a group of adventurers have taken up residence within the village and their actions brought the small village to the attention of Yranes and Hallber. Recent negotiations have once again avoided open war, and led to the Duchy of Yranes claiming the village.

The Heroes of Destiny have been named Council of the village due to actions taken by them that stopped a dangerous conspiracy from coming to fruition. A Nighthaunter Oni named Tsuvoo had taken the place of one of the councilmen. A pouch of platinum coins found on Tsuvoo bore the marks of the mints in Souderhaim, a city-state far to the South. This evidence seems to suggest that Souderhaim is involved in the attempt to murder the heroes. It appears as though the Heroes actions have drawn great attention indeed.

Notable Citizens

Roderick Stormgard
bq. Dwarf blacksmith and friend of the hero Delgrim Yurak, Roderick arrived in Parsien around fifty years ago. He was a serving member of the village militia for several years, while he perfected his trade repairing the weapons and armor of the towns protectors. Some time ago, Stormgard petitioned the village council to allow him to open a smithy within Parsien as a way to process the metals and ores being brought into the Village from The Old Mine. Thus Axe & Anvil was born. The shop prospered for several years until the mine closed down due to dangers unforeseen. Roderick has squeaked by on producing farm equipment since then.

During last year’s harvest festival, Roderick and several other villagers were kidnapped by an evil cult dedicated to abberant horrors form the Far Realm. He was heroically rescued by Delgrim Yurick and the Heroes of Destiny. The Heroes activities have sparked a new fire in Roderick Stormgard, he has petitioned The Guild of Metal to allow his membership.

Jak Maris
bq. The human known as Jak Maris came to Parsien 15 years ago from Bellasee. He came to help out his father with some general store he had opened on the frontier. “Help the town grow. There’ll be more gold than we can spend,” that’s what his father told him. Grow the town did. More gold than he could spend? Well that’s another story. Jak’s father passed on about 3 years ago, and ever since the old man left, Jak’s barely held on. Things are looking up though, these Heroes have brought attention to the town everyone forgot about, and Jak’s happy to be a Yranian citizen again. Jak’s getting new customers, and maybe his father’s promise of gold is soon to follow.

Sylis Grayfoot
bq. The Grayfoot family has lived in Parsien since its founding. Sylis’ great great grandfather built the family in nearly 120 years ago, and it’s been the place to be ever since. Sylis is know for his hospitality and cheap rates. He never turns down a patron, no matter how unscrupulous they may appear.

Three Guildsmen
bq. Three representatives of The Merchants Guild operate the Guildhouse in Parsein. Ilkan the Goliath, despite his brutish appearence, runs the Guild bank. He uses his size to intimedate individuals who request loans from the bank. Soveliss, an Eladrin trader, is in charge of maintaining the trade lanes and as the ranking Guildsmen, controls the Guildhouse as a whole. Finally the tiefling known as Boss operates the Auction Hall. Also on site is a small contingent of mercenaries that serve as guards.


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