Heroes of Parsien

Hallber and Yran

Entry Seven

Delgrim, recording the damn negotiations. Our growing village attracted the attention of both Hallber and Yran, two powerful nations who claimed us. After much bickering and finger waving blasted Yran won ownership of us. I hate Magic. Later on at night we were attacked by assassins of the Black Hand. They were hired by one of the councilmen. When we brought it to his attention he became an oni and a fight occured. After we slayed the beast the only remaining council member stepped down, Leaving us as the Council. O and we picked up another magic sissy who uses storm (Jade I think?) and a halberian with a Beard to rival mine (Crunchado).

Pages from Delgrim's Journal (2)

Entry Three

Delgrim here with a recording of the siege on Parsien. When we returned to camp our village was in chaos. Some Oni creature wanted us dead and brought a hobgoblin army. Or at least I think. Blast my old memory. Anyway, after preparing for it the best we could we all manned our positions. Me and Priya held the gate. Kendal made battle plans, and Mythis lead our archers (even well for a magic sissy). After several hours of drawn out battle we won, though exhausted and badly injured as we were.

Events thus far, from the journal of one Delgrim Yurak.

Events thus far. Delgrim here, We have fought many battles in the last few months. From this point on I shall be recording my trials in this stone tablet.

Entry one

It all started at our yearly gathering gat the time when leaves fall from the tree. We were attacked by cowardly cultists. An adventuring party was formed. It comprised of Me,Kendal Jon (a long tie cleric friend), Mythis (a half elven magic sissy), and Priya (a relatively new to town rogue.) On our way to The cultist filth’s lair, we met one Jendurg Barkgrinder. He asked for help to retrieve his lost kin. Since we were headed toward the lair for our people anyway, it seemed a good plan. My memory is fuzzy on this, maybe it was the ale, or maybe it has simply been to long. I do remember however our small band broke in and brought them to justice. We saved all of jendurg’s clan and our people. Hell we even got the eye ball monster at the end.

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